Just like people our equine and canine friends are exposed to toxic environments, incorrect nutrition, and imbalances, dis-ease (acute and chronic) and physical/emotional stress. All of this takes a toll on their body systems. In Balance equine/canine aims are to provide the nutritional support and education to pet owners to correct these imbalances by following naturopathic principals to help the body to find homeostasis (balance).

I have a human qualification in Naturopathy and herbal medicine.  (BHSc (comp Med), dipNat, dipHerbMed)

I have completed a diploma in Equine & Canine Acupuncture/and acupressure and are ecompleting extra study to formalise qualifications in Equine Herbal Medicine.

Currently I offer a local service in the Waimakariri district (Christchurch) utilising the Activo Med PEMF/Massage therapy rug and hand held PEMF/light cluster laser device.

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