Made from 100% all Australian natural volcanic elements in a colloidal liquid form … combining the necessary keys for success, in their purest state.


Benefits & Results include:

1. Supports nature’s balance, inside and out.

2. Digestive health – excellent for feed conversion, nutrient uptake, and collagen generation.

3. Connective tissue strengthening including muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage, bones, nails, around vital organs and between vertebrae.

4. Improved skin and coat condition in all dogs including show dogs.

5. Some dogs need help and support maintaining their condition. This can be due to stress such as whelping, training, racing or traveling to name a few. Canine Conditioner was developed with these issues in mind.

6. Better track times and win rates for racing and other competitive dogs.

7. Faster injury and exercise recovery rates – especially working dogs.

8. Can be used as a stand alone feed additive.

9. Nil Swab.


  • Dosage: 2mL per 10 kg of body-weight, daily. Note: If liquid becomes too thick after prolonged use, then add 1 teaspoon of hot water and shake vigorously.