Equine Therapy Systems Infrared Hoof Wraps use Red Light Therapy to speed up and enhance healing in the hooves, pasterns or hocks of your horse.


Red Light Therapy (also called Infrared light, Photobiomodulation or photonic therapy) has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for treating chronic pain such as arthritis, navicular and laminitis, sore muscles, wounds, tendon injuries, skin conditions including hair loss, colic and hoof abscesses. It also improves immunity, reduces inflammation and helps enhance performance.  Read more about it here

Red Light Therapy (RLT), is a technique that uses low-level wavelengths of light to treat a multitude of issues. The use and popularity of RLT has grown due to the enormous healing capabilities, and many doctors and veterinarians around the world believe it to be a safe, effective method for treating a broad range of health conditions in people and animals.


How does it work?

Red Light Therapy treatment involves the use of a low-level red light, using wavelengths in the range of 600-850nm to penetrate directly through the skin. These wavelengths have the ability to transform into cellular energy and ‘kick start’ an increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production which causes a boost of energy to the cells, and also the stimulation of collagen production. Red light therapy affects all layers of the skin, and can reach blood vessels, lymph vessels, nerves, hair follicles, and soft tissue, dependent on which part of the animal’s body the red light is being projected.

These boots have been developed by ETS in conjunction with other top international Equine Therapists in order to establish the most efficient and effective designs to best treat your horses.

Use for 15 to 20 minutes daily - you should start seeing improvement within 2 weeks.

These boots can also be used on the hocks or wrapped around any part of the leg, not just around the hooves.

Each boot comes with its own battery pack and charger. They come in a zip up waterproof EVA case.


Detailed specifications:


Light Source red LED (660 nm)

Power 3 W Battery 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries, 2200mAh

Input 100-277V AC / 50-60Hz

Output DC12.6V

Power Factor > 0.95

Ta max 70 ℃

Product Size L430*W220*H10mm

Package Size L440*W250*H350mm

Infrared Hoof Wrap - Single