WORLD’S FIRST 3 & 2 Dimensional Volcanic Minerals with bio-available collagen. 500ml


G.I. LIQUID is a new approach for horses designed to focus on the cause …not the symptoms … the concept is we may be able to help maintain normal gastro-intestinal conditions as if your horse is free on the range.


G.I. LIQUID is manufactured from our unique range of 100% Australian natural colloidal volcanic minerals with gut acid normalizer. Lovely earthy taste means easy to paste by syringe over the tongue or add to feed.


3 key focus points that may help horses maintain normal G.I. physiology:

A.  Gut Acid Imbalance (Ulcer type symptoms)

Light = 50ml x 2 pre feed am + pm for 10 days.

Heavy = 50ml x 2 pre feed am + pm for 20 days.

Why? Nominal pH 7.9 = alkaline + bio-available collagen nutrients for stomach linings. May need daily maintenance of 25 ml GI or 20 ml Conditioner Plus (Nominal pH 7.7).

B.  Gut Stress (Colic or founder type symptoms)

50ml x 2 in 12 hours, may need additional 30 ml pre-feed for 30 days.

Why? To help maintain normal acetic acid.. Generally regarded, imbalances lead to hind gut fermentation (pre-cursor to colic).

C.  Gut Calm

50 ml as required, max 200 ml over 24 hours.

Why? A + B = C.

TuffRock GI … recommended for dirt-eating horses.


 TuffRock GI … can help horses gut get ready for the Equine Joint Formulae or Conditioner Plus.


Upsets can influence the environment for gut flora and enzymes responsible for converting feed into synovial joint fluid nutrients to function properly. EJF natural earth minerals are pH positive for normal gut acid balance and can help the natural generation of synovial joint fluid.


· Pathogens … it is generally regarded these have an extremely detrimental effect on any horses’ ability to convert their feed and maintain normal physiology. TuffRock energised volcanic minerals are held together in a unique product matrix that holds an opposite charge to pathogens. Op-posites attract for adsorption and gentle elimination for reducing the risk of gut stress, and help maintain a healthy gut which is important for joint feedstuff conversion.


  • TuffRock EJF Ingredients comply with APVMA MRL Standard Table 4 and are manufactured from 100% Australian all-natural energised volcanic colloidal minerals that are blended with wheat bran and pollard to contain Crude Protein 12%, Crude Fibre 12%, Fat 1.5%, Calcium (Ca) 3.85%, and volcanic minerals Magnesium (Mg) 0.23%, Potassium (P) 0.03%, Phosphorus (P) 0.03%, Sodium (Na) 0.6%, Sulphur (S) 0.01%, Iron (Fe) 0.7%, Copper (Cu) 3mg/kg, Manganese (Mn) 282 mg/kg, and Zinc (Zn) 33 mg/kg.


    One 2.5kg pail of EJF is 7 weeks supply for one horse – it generally takes 5 weeks initial use for the effects to become evident. Conditioner Plus liquid in the evening may also be required around hard work to help maintain normal physiology. NIL SWAB.

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