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From the moment I discovered Classical dressage and the magic of in hand work I was hooked and passionate about it.  I have 20 years of experience and I still continue to learn.  My horses are my most honest and wise teachers. 

The benefits of this work cannot be understated.  I don't compete, I never have been interested in that but I often wonder how far this work would have taken us if I'd taken that path.  Instead I purely train for the enjoyment of it, for the wonder of communication and partnership with my best friend, my horse.  To help keep him supple and in condition to carry him though his senior years well.  And, in the beginning years to form the boundaries and behaviour that is expected of him, a wild animal living in a domesticated environment.  My horses are encouraged to keep their spirit and to communicate their opinions, their likes and dislikes, what they struggle with, what they enjoy doing or would prefer to not to be, and just to be who they are with a voice and to be loved by a human who listens.  The ground work and in hand work has provided me with the tools to develop a  relationship based on trust and mutual respect, with rules and boundaries for safety and the beauty of a partnership that at times takes my breath away.  

I love to share this work and am available for private lessons.  For further information on classical dressage;  

Lessons available in

*  In hand work - beginner to high school

*  Work on the lunge 

*  Nervous and learner riders

*  Young to older horses

 I am available to travel in the Waimakariri District.  (Rangiora, Cust, Oxford, Sefton etc.)

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